by Ben Crane

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This batch of recordings comes as a result of three and a half months of study in India this past spring. I had the opportunity to take sitar and tabla lessons in conjunction with my own independent study of classical Hindustani theory and compositional techniques.

The actual recording of "Maitri" took place in the early parts of May. I would have started earlier but finding a decent condenser mic in New Delhi takes hassling multitudes of people on the phone and many fruitless trips around the city in rickshaws. One man told me he had a "condenser microphone of good professional quality" and when I arrived at his shop, showed me a lapel mic most people use for board meetings.

Despite issues like this, I did finally manage to find a mic I could work with and produced these three songs. I didn't write any of these songs before hitting the record button. My hope was that it would force the song to "write itself". Whatever that means.
Stupid? There were certainly a lot of bad takes but, taking this unrehearsed approach to composition, while making the recording process lengthy with endless takes, brought the sound closer to Hindustani classical roots, a style steeped in improvisation.

The traffic noises you hear are sounds I captured from the backseat of a rickshaw ride through New Delhi traffic.

That's it.


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PPS: If you're interested in reading more about my experience in India, I kept a blog during my travels. Check it out here:

Articles I wrote about India for the music blog "The Wild Honey Pie" :


released September 24, 2010

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Ben Crane.

Cover art by Alex Berdoff



all rights reserved


Ben Crane New York, New York

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Track Name: Intention
You're wearing the same old robe
and you've been walking the same long winding road
for the longest time
you've been meaning to give it a try
for the longest time

You sleep in a river bed
and the braids you've been growing from your head
for the longest time
they've been giving you a place to lie
for the longest time

The pain you feel
it's not real
only lives inside your mind
so come with me
and you will see
that time's been spinning endlessly

for the longest time
for the longest time
for the longest time
for the longest time
Track Name: Nerve Balance
My body is a line in a crosshatch sketch
simplified and multiplied one thousand times
eraser evader with arms outstretched
I'm the one who's impossible to catch

My mind is melting like a Dali clock
hands are dipping by the degrees
and light it breaks in patterns on the floor
as the tile rises up past my knees

Water's coming in through the door
slipping in through the empty cracks
and as it floods over the floor
we'll float up lying on our backs
Track Name: Petal Point
Magnesium fireflies
float through darkness to my eyes
once were dead now switched on
fuel my fire at the dawn

Suddenly it's perfect weather
my three eyes all see together
triple vision at long last
let's me see into my past

Bodhicitta now forever
world and I now breathe together
my feet blossom into flowers
pulsing with an ancient power